FaCM Model 01- Building a force Amplifier using Innovative Approach!

A force amplifying compliant mechanism has its desirable  applications where elements like sensors and transducers play its role. FaCM is based on  principle of increased and amplified output for a given input, that is, there is an amplified force as an output for given input force.

Let us look at the steps involved in developing a force amplifier prototype from one of our BendFlex design collection using the BendFlex Design Innovation Kit .

bendflex-blog-facm-1Step 1:Building a CM kit model using Rigid linkages & flexural beams.The yellow dots  in the image shows fixed regions.

facm-model1Step 2: Design and Visualization using a design software to check feasibility of the design. This step will help a user to visualize the model in three dimension.



Step 3 : Prototyping and Simulation



Want to build this model on your own ? Use this info down below and bring out the designer in you ,

Constraints (Fixed Regions) Two Yellow Dots
Rigid connectors and Flexural Beams 13 & 15
Type of Input Force Compressive

Check out our video to see the simulation of this model ,


To explore  more about this innovative product, click here http://www.bendflex.in/cmkit/cmkit.php

Introducing Compliant Mechanisms

In mechanical engineering, compliant mechanisms are flexible mechanisms that transfer an input force or displacement to another point through elastic body deformation. These may be monolithic (single-piece) or jointless structures.
Compliant mechanisms offer an opportunity to achieve complex motions within the limitations of micro- and nano-fabrication. Because compliant mechanisms gain their motion from the constrained bending of flexible parts, they can achieve complex motion from simple topologies. Traditional mechanisms use rigid parts connected at articulating joints (such as hinges, axles, or bearings), which usually requires assembly of components and results in friction at the connecting surfaces.

Design Innovation Kit by BendFlex- Exploring the “Design Minds”

We would like to introduce one of our innovative product to the world, that has capability to explore the innovative minds who seek to create something new.

The BendFlex Compliant Mechanism innovator toolkit provides opportunity to the designers and young hobbyists to explore the world of mechanisms using a simple goal, that is to make complex things look simple ! The idea of using the CM kit is not only to provide access to studying mechanisms, but also develop something inventive that optimizes the activities of an average person.
Why Compliant Mechanism ?
– Explore its Advantages here :

• Construct a model and validate an equivalent model of a Compliant mechanism.
• Quick and easy validation.
• One-step before prototyping.
• Reduces material and manufacturing costs.
• Optimizes design by giving multiple methods to solve a problem.
• Can be used to beyond its intended applications such as Artistic Structures.