FaCM Model 01- Building a force Amplifier using Innovative Approach!

A force amplifying compliant mechanism has its desirable  applications where elements like sensors and transducers play its role. FaCM is based on  principle of increased and amplified output for a given input, that is, there is an amplified force as an output for given input force.

Let us look at the steps involved in developing a force amplifier prototype from one of our BendFlex design collection using the BendFlex Design Innovation Kit .

bendflex-blog-facm-1Step 1:Building a CM kit model using Rigid linkages & flexural beams.The yellow dots  in the image shows fixed regions.

facm-model1Step 2: Design and Visualization using a design software to check feasibility of the design. This step will help a user to visualize the model in three dimension.



Step 3 : Prototyping and Simulation



Want to build this model on your own ? Use this info down below and bring out the designer in you ,

Constraints (Fixed Regions) Two Yellow Dots
Rigid connectors and Flexural Beams 13 & 15
Type of Input Force Compressive

Check out our video to see the simulation of this model ,


To explore  more about this innovative product, click here http://www.bendflex.in/cmkit/cmkit.php

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