Compliant Mechanism Design Innovation Kit (CM-Kit)

Compliant Mechanism Kit

Compliant Mechanism Kit Patent pending

Explore the fascinating world of inventions and new designs!

The BendFlex Compliant Mechanism innovator toolkit is a patent-pending invention, designed to help students and hobbyists explore the world of mechanisms. If you love exploring new designs and coming up with new ideas, and like inventing new things, or want to get started inventing something interesting, this design kit is for you.

This toolkit was designed and developed by researchers from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. A must-have companion for engineering students, this invention kit has helped the inventors and a number of engineering students to come up with new designs, that has fetched them a number of awards!

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VIT Bio-Inspired Designs - Summer Fest 2016 (21st - 23rd April 2016)

A seminar on "Compliant Mechanisms"
during the
Learning and Teaching Robotics: Modelling, Simulation and Practice,

Indian Institute of Manufacturing & Design Technology Information of Institute Indian - Chennai (IIITDM) (20th - 25th June 2016)

Compliant Mechanism collection

Designs using Design Innovation Kit

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